Meet the Lake Country Board

Lake Country Wind Energy, LLC was founded by eight local community members in Meeker and Kandiyohi Counties. Those founders, who now serve on the Advisory Board, are Steve Bergo, Dale Walth, Tim Huisman, Jim Huisman, Cliff Larson, John Slinden, Wes Nelson, and Gordy Behm. Read on to learn more about these individuals.

Steve & Conni Bergo

Steve and Conni Bergo are landowners and farmers in Meeker Co. Minnesota. Steve started farming in 1987 and currently farms 940 acres and sells seed. Conni currently serves as a Guardian ad Litem for the Eighth Judicial Court District in west central Minnesota and enjoys protecting the interests of children in court. Both Steve and Conni enjoy traveling around Minnesota exploring trails on their bikes and lakes and rivers in their canoe.

I've had a long involvement with conservation issues from my first job out of college as a conservation technician to our current project to develop renewable energy with a wind farm. Conni was the one who mentioned to me that we really seem to live in a windy place and we should make use of the wind energy we have. Partnering with National Wind to develop this resource has put legs to these dreams and we are well on the way to developing a community owned wind farm.

Gordy Behm

Gordy BehmGordy Behm has lived in rural Minnesota his entire life. He retired last fall, after farming north of Atwater for 40 years. He and his wife Betty are excited about getting involved with non-polluting renewable energy. Maintaining a clean environment is important to him, particularly because he enjoys spending time hunting and traveling.

I joined Lake Country Wind Energy as a founder because I thought it was a great opportunity to get involved in a local community-based project. It will allow us to keep some of the profits of the project in the hands of the local area landowners, instead of sending them all off to some large corporation.”

Cliff Larson

Cliff LarsonCliff Larson is a fifth generation farmer in West Central Minnesota. He has farmed since 1987 and presently is farming about 2800 acres of mainly corn and soybeans. Cliff was a founding board member of Bushmills Ethanol in Atwater, MN.

I'm a true believer in renewable energy as a way to help the United States become energy independent. Wind power is an important part in this process and is a clean renewable energy. Lake Country Wind Energy is a community- based wind farm with local ownership. This allows our community to become owners in a wind project that many could not be able to participate on their own.”

Wes Nelson

Wes NelsonWes Nelson has lived in Meeker County all his life and has farmed here for 41 years. He and his wife Kate have two children, Kasey a senior at ACGC High School and Andrew, who is attending college in Duluth. Wes served on the Danielson Town Board for 19 years and has been serving on the Meeker County Planning and Zoning Commission for the past eight years. In his free time, Wes enjoys riding – be it on a horse or a motorcycle – and hunting.

For a long time, I have felt that we need to be more self-reliant for our energy needs and have been involved in the development of ethanol in our area. Wind energy is a local resource that we can also use to reduce our dependence on imported energy and at the same time produce a new stream of income for our local area. This is an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often and I felt it was important to help get this project started and provide what assistance I can.”

John Slinden

John SlindenJohn Slinden has lived in the Grove City area his whole life. He farms with his brother Don Jr. in Meeker County. John and his wife Carol have three kids- Ashley, Jonathan, and Joel. John enjoys spending time at the cabin and attending high school sporting events with his family.

“I have seen the benefits of having an ethanol plant in our area and I would like to see that also happen with a community-based wind project. I believe in the project’s potential to deliver clean, renewable energy and profits back to the community.”

Dale & Betty Walth

Dale & Betty WalthDale and Betty Walth have lived and been landowners in Kandiyohi County since they moved from western North Dakota forty years ago. They have two children, a son Shawn who lives in Brooklyn Park, MN, and a daughter and son-in-law Melissa and Ben Fossey, who live with the their son Rowan in Minnetonka, MN. Dale is a retired insurance adjuster. He enjoys horses and hunting, so the environment is important to him.

“Three years ago, we put up our own 40 KW wind generator, so when Lake Country Wind Energy became a reality, we saw it as an opportunity to invest in clean, renewable energy for our children, our grandchildren, and the environment.”

Jim Huisman

Jim HuismanJim Huisman has lived and farmed in the Meeker-Kandi area since 1968. He and his wife Betty have two children. His son Tim has farmed with him for the last several years. When they get the chance, Jim and Betty like to travel, mostly around the United States but sometimes abroad.

“I joined Lake Country Wind Energy as a founder because I am very interested in renewable energy, and also because I’m really excited about retaining the wind projects’ earnings locally.”

Tim Huisman

Tim Huisman has lived in the Meeker-Kandiyohi area his whole life. He has been farming full-time with his father Jim since he graduated from college almost ten years ago. Tim is an avid outdoorsman; in the winter, he enjoys heading to the mountains to go snowmobiling and in the summer, he likes to go boating on the area lakes.

“I felt it was great opportunity to be a part of a rapidly growing industry and to help promote a clean source of energy in the local area. I’m excited to help give others the same opportunity to get involved in the wind industry and the chance to have profits stay in their community.”